Letter of Invitation for visa application

To obtain visa invitation letter the following documents should be submitted by the Nazarbayev University, international faculty to the Department of International Cooperation:

  • NU Visa Support Application Form;

  • Copy of passport (first page);

  • Decision of the Department/School to cover the state duty payment that is 0.5 of the minimum calculation index (provided by the school manager).


*Residence permit required, if citizenship and residency are different*;

Visa invitation letter processing time: 5-7 business days.

After preparing your documents, please send them by requesting the Letter of Invitation to Ms. Aigerim Jaxybayeva (aigerim.jaxybayeva@nu.edu.kz). 

Visa Application

Upon receipt of the invitation letter, the applicant submits all the documentation to the Kazakhstan’s Embassy/Consulate abroad where he/she plans to obtain a visa. It is the personal responsibility of the applicant to double-check the list of the required documents (application form, photocopy, fee receipt etc.) on the web-site of the Embassy/Consulate. Also, you will need to pay a visa fee.

The following documents are usually required:

1.     Visa invitation letter;

2.     Passport valid for at least 6 months longer than the validity of the requested visa and have at least 2 blank pages to stamp the visa;

3.     Completed visa application form (available on the web-site of the Embassy/Consulate);

4.     Photo 3,5х4,5;

5.     Visa fee (please note that the consular desk at the airports accept cash ONLY (USD/KZT).


*Additional documents might be requested at the discretion of the council.

Visa can be issued:

In the country of your citizenship (by the foreign establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan: consular, diplomatic, and equivalent representation offices).

At the international airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan upon arrival (if there are no consular, diplomatic, or equivalent representation offices in the country of the visa recipient’s citizenship).

Travel from Nur-Sultan Airport to Wyndham Garden Hotel

Before arriving to Nur-Sultan, we suggest you to download Yandex Taxi app. It is the cheapest and most convenient way for transportation in Nur-Sultan. Because in Kazakhstan, it is hard to find official taxi( white ones) and all cars may serve as a taxi. The only thing you need to do is thumbing up a ride. But if you are foreigner, we don't suggest it. 

From airport to the hotel and vice versa costs 1500KZT by taxi if you call them by Yandex Taxi.

Additionally, there is a bus option from 7am to 11pm every day. There 2 line options and both requires about 10 min. walk to reach the hotel. The cost is 180 KZT.

Line 12- Bus Stop: Turar Ruskulov

Line 10 - Central Hospital 


KZT- Kazakhstani Tenge ( approx. 0,0026 US Dollars)